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Availability Of Exclusive Amenities For Luxury Apartments

Upscale properties, especially like the ones in Sandy Shores Village, come at a price which is commensurate to the amenities it offers. With many people willing to pay for getting certain amenities, condos and apartments here come with a bouquet of amenities like:

  • Security: The availability of top-class and technologically advanced security arrangements is something that people are willing to pay for. Hence round the clock security guards, concealed cameras, state of the art surveillance equipments etc., are facilities which probably define the price of the upscale luxury apartments like those available in Orange Beach Alabama.
  • Country club membership: The demand for going back to nature is on the rise. Consequently today there is an increasing demand for the chance to do the following without having to go out of their complex:
    • Play lawn tennis with friends,
    • Get involved in a good game of 18course golf,
    • Immerse oneself in a relaxing dry sauna,
    • Enjoy the ambience of a poolside cabana etc.
  • Private beach: Having access to a private beach to spend quality time with family and friends is a definite lure for people looking to buy or rent luxurious beachfront apartments or condos. The ability to surf, swim or just laze around without the jostling crowds is an experience people die to pay for.
  • Exclusive indoor activities: Wanting to work out in a well-equipped gym or enjoy a good game of basketball or simply go bowling or swimming to keep up that enviable physique is an amenity most upscale apartment renters or buyers look forward to. Hence this amenity is a must for every luxurious complex to have.
  • Movie theatre: Taking kids out for a sci-fi movie date endears is one of the best ways to spend quality time with them. A romantic movie date with one’s fiancé or wife enjoyed in the relative privacy of an exclusive movie theatre too rates very high in the list of priorities in the lives of the uber rich individuals. Thus the demand for a movie theatre is also something which every luxury apartment complex definitely accommodates for its esteemed clients.
  • Wine cellar: An amenity which has assumed importance and popularity in the recent times, the availability of a community wine cellar, especially one which is climate controlled is an added bonus. The ease of being able to keep the wine freezing at the required temperature so as to be readily available as and when required is a luxury few can afford to miss.

Other amenities which also define the buying or renting trends of these upscale apartments are good house-keeping services, availability of utility specialists like AC mechanics, plumbers etc., intercom services, community halls etc. But it is the exclusive amenities mentioned above which define the prices of luxury beach apartments.

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