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Bedroom Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Having gone in a couple of months in the year 2018, we are now in the perfect position to make a list of some of the most spectacular design trends that you can follow for your bedrooms this year. So, if you have been thinking of styling your bedroom lately, this article is going to be your perfect guide for that.

1.      Say bye to handles

As per the current styles books, the handless doors that simply need a push to open are really trendy. They add a sophisticated minimalistic touch of elegance to the room which is incomparable.When going with this style, try to give the doors a rather glossy finish for a more modern look.

2.      Contrast the gloss

The most of the color combinations that we have come across for the doors include a glossy dominant color with a hint of subtlecolor for the finishing touches. It gives the whole place a more refined and stylish finish.

3.      Experiment with colors

When it comes to bedrooms, we all want them to have a more spacious and open feel.Earlier on, color white was the popular choice to create this effect. This trend, however, slowly fading away.There is now a popular demand for using two different colors to create a soothing and more refreshing look for the room.This could be achieved by usinga subtle baby blue with hues of green or maybe a rose pink with touches of metallic grey. Depending on who eventually would be living there, the choice of colors can vary to give the room a more personalized feel at the end of the day.

4.      Use wood for effects

This year the bedroom is not just about walls and ceilings anymore. People are looking for ways to create more depth to these bedrooms that would end up allocating them a personality of their own.This can be achieved by making use of woodwork in the room to create strong impressionable effects. Try working with walnut, washed out oak and natural oak this year as these options are in huge demand lately.

5.      Space is the key

When it comes to bedrooms, there is no compromise on the storage space it would eventually offer. Thus, having a huge wardrobe that would keep all your clothes, shoes and other belongings out of sight is a must. It also helps give the room a neat and elegant look. When it comes to the wardrobe, you have an option to go with either fitted wardrobes of bespoke fitted wardrobes that are designed just for your room keeping the available space in mind.

If you are looking for a company to help you design your bedroom with all the latest trends and find you the best fitted wardrobes, then get in touch with the best in the field today. With their experience and aesthetic sense, they are sure to give you some really cool options,to begin with.

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