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Change Your Channel and Change Your Life

If you watch those design shows on television, you know how much people love updated kitchens, marble or granite counter tops, high end finishes like stainless steel appliances and sinks and other must haves.  It’s fun to see how different couples make a final decision, then watch as the action cuts to a few months later to give an update on how things have changed since they moved in.   You can get so caught up in their lives, you search around to make changes in yours.  Fortunately, you only have to change the channel to find the best way to add updated touches to your home because QVC broadcasts live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and puts more than 1,000 items up for grabs each week. 

qvc.com with QVC Coupon Codes & Promo Codes

QVC really should get credit for making people feel comfortable about shopping online, because if you think about it, they have been selling to the American public since 1986 – that’s long before most Americans had their first cell phone!  But they can go one better.  When you shop online, you can spread the word through social media, but before that, QVC let you give a shout out about your satisfaction live on TV.  It happened to me, so I know it’s real.  I was stoked for days after friends said they heard me on TV talking about the juicer I’d just bought.  That adds way more to their credibility than any email list they can buy.  And they worked out the kinks of the shipping and returns end of the business so well other mega merchants use their model today.

They are constantly searching for new and exciting products to bring to their viewers and offer Groupon codes to help you save more.  They offer 50% off select merchandise and even more when you shop their clearance items.  And you can find some really cool stuff there.  So if you have just completed the remodel of your dreams, or simply need to get a head start on buying gifts for the upcoming holiday season, from Halloween to New Year’s Eve you’ll find something for everyone and every occasion by shopping QVC.

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