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Conserve Energy through Duette Blinds Installation

No matter where you live, whether in the UK, the US, Australia or anywhere in the world, the problem of rising electricity bills which add increased pressure on everyone’s household budget. There are ways of slashing the energy bill and the common culprits are due to heating and cooling, heated towel racks and clothes dryer.

Big Picture Approach = Lower Energy Usage

Carolyn Lee, director Energy Efficiency Experts advises, “Take a big picture approach to lower your energy usage. Look at the things that are using power in your home. There are a lot of little things and lots of big things that you can do that will make an impact.”

Switching off appliances rather than leaving them on standby mode is one such little thing and insulating the roof is a big thing. Home with inadequate insulation looses about 45% of the heating and cooling generated inside the home that can spike up the electricity bill. Rather than use bar heaters and oil column heaters, you can switch to more efficient heaters to lower electricity bill.

Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances

Lighting tends to consume about 15% of the average household electricity bill, and by switching to LED light bulbs that can last 10 times longer and use up about one-tenth of electricity. Replace old equipment that consumes three times more than new models can eat up on energy, so switching to energy efficient appliances another option to lessen energy bill.

There are other tweaks that can be used like installing bi-fold doors to retain heat and use of thermal blinds. There’s a lot of heat loss through glass windows and installing blinds is a great way of keeping the heat inside. The Duette blinds can save up to 25% on energy bills, by allowing natural light to brighten the room and providing privacy and insulation that suits the users’ needs. Blinds are practical and pretty additions to the home that help to keep the room private and keep draughts at bay during the chilly months.

The Newest Home Innovation

The Duette blinds company is now offering the newest innovation on their home blinds product which will definitely appeal to those who love gadgets. This motorized system allows the blinds to operate with the use of a remote control. This nifty system is battery powered and had removed the need for using chords making it safer for the family, especially the kids and pets.

Duette blinds offer different kinds of blinds that will be suitable for each room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, media room, conservatories, and living room. Each room has different uses and Duette blinds can fit them perfectly and it’s worth bringing in an expert from Duette blinds to assist in measuring the space, choosing the color, material and pattern options.

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