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Crowdfunding for the children of sex workers

The conversation around sex workers or prostitution in India is a delicate subject. However, we cannot ignore the fact that it forms a large section of our society, with urban cities and rural regions having some of the largest red-light districts – be it Kamathipura in Mumbai, GB Road in Delhi, or Sonagachi in Kolkata. In fact, Sonagachi is Asia’s largest red-light area, with 11,000 sex workers, and 14,300 children. While technically speaking, prostitution is legal in India, children or minors being forced into the profession is illegal.

Moving aways from the legal status of prostitution, we must understand that no woman would intentionally chose this profession unless financial circumstances or familial force has left her no option. To make matters worse, girl children are forced into this profession. Recently, a transgender activist from India, Gauri Sawant, ran a crowdfunding India initiative to set up a shelter for the children of sex workers. According to a leading publication, she was once in Kamathipura where she saw a child playing in one of the homes, and upon moving closer she discovered that the mother was with a man, even though her child was in the room. She came to realize that these mothers don’t have place to keep their children while they worked. It made her cringe to think of the mental state that the child would grow up with – and hence began her initiative to provide a safe haven for children of sex workers.

It is amazing to see the potential of a crowdfunding India in improving the lives of vulnerable populations. We at Impact Guru, encourage anyone with such a cause to use our platform and gain financial support for initiatives that would help secure the lives and future of children of sex workers. By raising money through online fundraising, there are so many ways in which we can help change the lives of these children.

  1. Protect girl children from being forced into prostitution rather than having a choice of living a better life
  2. Provision for food and shelter of children of sex workers
  3. Provide support for educational support through crowdfunding, to ensure they have the choice and opportunity to choose a different path
  4. Provide free counseling services to children who have grown up in red-light districts, or in environments that are not suitable for children to be brought up in

Brothels are not a space for children to grow up in, we must do what is in our power and use supportive tools like online fundraising, to protect children of sex workers. Such initiatives, and many more, can easily be successful by getting financial assistance from crowdfunding websites, where you can reach out to people anywhere in the world. If your cause resonates with them, they can make a small or large contribution to help further your initiative.

Fr any and all such causes, financial help can always be found on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India website.

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