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Garden Design Tips for Beginners

Many people when first looking to enhance their gardens and outdoor space are unsure what to do, feeling overwhelmed and nervous. In line with this today we are going to be providing some great garden design tips for beginners from professional garden designers

Tips and Ideas

  • The first thing that people must do when looking to enhance their gardens is to make lists of both needs and wants. After this they should create some rough and basic sketches of their thoughts regarding where they would like to place things and more. These don’t have to be detailed or fancy, and the more that are created the more likely people are to see their dream gardens come together. People that believe that they can’t draw at all can even create mood boards of their ideas – There are lots of different ways to bring ideas together.
  • People looking to enhance their gardens should also take note of the sun and wind patterns around their homes; this will assist in enabling them to choose the greatest places for their garden furniture and patios. No one wants their fire pits to be positioned in the windiest areas. Position is absolute key when looking to make the most out of a garden.
  • Those with doubts are advised to wait a little, spending time in their gardens getting a feel for the space whilst working out where they would like to sit the most and where things would look the greatest.
  • There’s no rush – People often think that it will only take a day or two for them to completely transform their gardens, however this is not the case. People are best, unless they have a professional team on hand, or 60 people with them to assist, taking their time and allowing for their gardens to come together bit by bit. Plants grow and things fill in – This is something which many people forget.
  • Focal points are great and can be used to work around. Focal points can be many things for example sculptures, trees and plants, and once in place can allow people to come up with more ideas to make their spaces look greater.

These are only some of the available tips for those looking to update their gardens too – As you can probably see patience is key and nobody should rush into anything too fast unless they are 100% certain.

Have fun and reap the rewards!

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