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Granite Countertops for Your Home Kitchen

Granite countertops can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. In fact, a quick change of the countertops in your kitchen can make the room feel improved and updated. Countertops are an easy change and really do create a lasting effect. While granite is a more costly material than formica, it will last forever and really drop jaws when they walk into your home.

There are a few different stone products that are available for homeowners to choose from when they are interested in updating the countertop materials that they have chosen in their home. Granite is the most popular choice of homeowners because of the unique designs as well as the durability that granite offers to families with children as well as just a busy kitchen. Some of the other choices include quartz, marble, and soapstone.

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Stone Choices

As mentioned, there are options available when you want to update your kitchen. Deciding which material is going to be the most beneficial for your family is the hard decision that has to be made. Are you interested in the unique patterns and durability of granite? Do you want an extra strong quartz material that look similar to marble? Are you an older couple who doesn’t cause much damage to your home kitchen and think marble will be a good fit in your home?

There are many different things that need to be considered before you decide to update your home countertops. We have gathered some advice to help you decipher which material is best for your home.


  • Strong
  • Easy to maintain
  • Unique


  • Extremely strong
  • No additional sealings
  • Best Value


  • Classical
  • High Maintenance
  • Very Porous

Hopefully these quick lists help you break down which materials are going to be the best fit in your home for both you and your family.


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