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How a Drainage Survey Could Benefit You

Whilst we’re all aware that our homes feature a series of underground drainage pipes, removing sewage and waste water from our property, we only really give them more than a passing thought when there is a problem. Sadly, any problem that has presented itself will have likely been building up in the background for some time.

Fortunately for you, all is not lost. Modern technology has presented us with the CCTV drainage survey, a great way to diagnose drainage faults. There are several benefits to such a survey making them worth much more to any homeowner than the price paid to carry them out.

How Is a Drainage Survey Carried Out?

The process is relatively straightforward and utilises CCTV imagery to actively survey any drainage network. The steps involved include:

  • Opening manhole covers located within the grounds of your property. There will likely be at least one which is suitable for surveying.
  • A fibre optic cable is then inserted into the manhole where it is routed to where the likely cause of the problem is.
  • Live images are fed back to a computer screen where a drainage engineer is able to get a picture of what is causing the problem as well as the best course of action.

Purchasing a New Home or Selling Your Existing One

Drainage systems are installed during the construction of a property and are rarely disturbed or updated. It is for this reason that it is recommended that all property for sale has a drainage survey included with the paperwork. This becomes even more important for older properties which may feature clay pipework which is susceptible to cracking.

It is likely that no problems will be identified, especially if the current homeowner hasn’t noticed any symptoms. The real benefit to anyone buying a home is the peace of mind in knowing that no major repairs will be required as soon as they move in.

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Identifying the Cause of Blockages

Most of us don’t treat our drains as well as we should. It’s no surprise that they can occasionally become blocked due to the presence of fatty food deposits and sanitary items that are unsuitable for flushing.

Luckily, these issues are exactly what a drainage survey is designed for. Once the location of the blockage has been found, a drainage engineer can then use the method of rodding and jetting which should see the blockage quickly resolved. This method of drain unblocking would work without a survey, but would possibly see the wastage of time and resources without knowing what was causing the problem and where it was located.

A Fix for Your Blocked Sewer

If your toilet is backing up or there is a foul smell emanating from somewhere in your home, it’s time to get in touch with a drainage specialist. Blocked sewers in Melbourne can be treated by a competent drainage or plumbing company so consult a local directory to find someone suitable. Most companies will also be able to provide further advice on how best you could look after your drains.

A blocked or damaged sewer can cause untold frustration and discomfort so identify the cause of your drainage problem before it’s too late.

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