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How are Granite Countertops Made?

If you are a curious soul you may be interested in learning how granite countertops are taken from inside the earth and placed as shiny materials on your kitchen cabinets. It is quite the process that takes stone from the ground to the table- keep reading to learn how granite countertops are made.

Steps to Getting Granite to your Home


Granite is usually found pretty close to the earth surface. Because granite is not super deep into the surface, we are able to remove it in large chunks to be made into slabs. The first step to removing the stone is drilling small holes deep into the surface outlining where the stone needs to be cut. After the holes are drilled, very carefully explosives are placed into the cracks in order to blast the stone away from the larger pieces. These explosives disconnect a large piece of granite. While they are working to dislodge the granite they have to be very carefully to not break any large pieces off of the block. If the pieces are broken the granite can not be cut into the correct size of slabs for people to use in their homes.

Cutting the Slab

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Once the block is removed from the quarry, it is shipped to a facility where it will be cut into thin slabs. This is a point in the process where you may start identifying the large rock with what you see on your kitchen countertops in your home. The companies use special equipment to carefully cut the slabs into size without any cracking or breaking.

Polishing the stone

After the stone is cut into thin slabs, they take them and polish them. Before the stone is polished it looks very similar to what you would casually call a ‘rock’. The stone is transformed as the water and other materials begin to polish the slab. Each slab looks differently. There are no two slabs of granite that are exactly the same. The movement of the design will always be slightly different. There are many different types of granite, however. Depending on the type of granite, you will see a unique pattern.


After the stone has been cut and polished by big manufacturing companies, smaller independent companies purchase the slabs and have them shipped to their warehouse. From the warehouse, customers will come and find the slabs and have them custom fitted to their homes needs.

The process of crafting granite is very unique. There are many people involved from mining to installation. Granite is a unique solution that will surely tell a story inside of your home.


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