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Popular Airsoft Games

If you have recently got into airsoft guns, then you are probably wondering what games are available for you to get involved in. With many different airsoft games available for people to play we thought that we would share this post, listing some of the most popular games and a little information about each. Keep on reading to see some of the available games available and information to enable you to choose the best one for you…

Airsoft Games – Most Popular 5

TDM– TDM is possibly the most popular airsoft game out of all of the airsoft games. TDM is short of Team Death Match, a game where two teams fight against one another until all of the players on the opposite team are eliminated. Players of all skills and levels can get involved in this game, with teams often seeking players to join their teams to fight other teams across the country.

CTF – CTF is another commonly played airsoft game, standing for Capture the Flag. How does this game work? Again two teams needs to be created thereafter a flag is placed and each team has to work to get their hands on the flag, and bring it back to their base without being caught and shot down by their opponents. The team in which manages to get the flag back to their base first, wins!

President– President is another popular airsoft game. In this game there is one president, and then the rest of the players are separated in two, half to protect the president and half to try and assassinate the president.  If someone assassinates the president the assassinators win however if the president successfully manages to get to a designated location without getting how the presidents team wins.

Search and Destroy – Search and destroy is a popular airsoft game in which is typically played by those who have played a number of other airsoft games and are looking for something a bit harder. When playing search and destroy again players are separated into two teams, one team working to defend the bomb/ticker and the other team working to defuse it before it is too late and the time is over.

Free for All – Free for all is exactly what it says it is, a game in which every man has to stand for himself and the last one standing wins. This game is good as it can be played with any number of players and really can show who the best in the game is with people no longer relying on their team mates for assistance. Want to know how good your skills really are? This is the game for you.

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