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Spreading Rat Infestations

Rats have become a problem in Reading and across the country. There are millions of them scurrying about and there seems to be a ceaseless expansion of their population. So why are we experiencing so many rats in and around Reading?

Maybe they like the scenery or are we tempting them to our homes and business premises?

It’s the latter in many of the cases which pest control experts including Pest Control Berkshire’s team have worked on.

Prevention is vital

From not storing rubbish securely in wheelie bins to leaving doors and windows open with pet food still in a dish on the floor to neglecting to repair property damage, these actions are an invitation to a hungry rat to explore.

If the property has everything they need to thrive, namely safety and a food source, they’ll move in. Many people don’t realise that their composting endeavours are another rat temptation. Please take all measures to ensure rodents cannot access it or you will need rodent control specialists.

Rats are clever

Rats tend to be extremely intelligent and loyal to one another so where there is one, expect two and so on. Add to this that their breeding practices are jaw-dropping and a small rat issue could escalate within weeks.

Rodent control through specialists is recommended. Rats have grown accustomed to over the counter treatments; the most evolved rats have been named super-rats and they can eat the poisons without suffering any ill effects. Experts, with access to more efficient and cost-effective solutions, experience, training and qualifications understand how the rat mind works and this is invaluable because rodent control can be a battle of wills and outwitting the enemy.

DIY rat control equals danger

Children, pets, visitors and the person who administers a poison are at risk from it. Poisons have been consumed as sweets by curious children and pets with awful consequences.

Pest control professionals urge you never to attract a rat or handle one, dead or alive. Bites and scratches from a live rat have troubling results. Their bodily fluids and 20mm droppings, also pose a serious health risk as disease and bacteria carriers so it’s not worth the personal risk when there are rat control Reading specialists who know how to stay 100% safe. Even breathing in contaminated air can prove dangerous.

Don’t hesitate

Although it may seem obvious that rats should be evicted at the earliest opportunity, it’s worth reminding procrastinators that rats can burrow deeply and cause drainage, structural and subsidence problems.

Rats chew any material or item that they consider to be useful so they’ll gnaw wood, fabrics, paper, wires, packaging and upholstery. Your drywall and insulation are potentially at risk. Chewed wiring represents a fire risk.

Call a rat control Reading firm immediately, waiting won’t make the issue go away. The infestation will continue to spread, to your horror. It’s your legal responsibility to resolve the infestation problem, not the local authority’s.

Reading Borough Council do carry out some rat control Reading services but the complete solution rests with professional firms.

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