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The Secret to Selling your Home Fast and for Big Money

The Guelph real estate market is always changing, and selling your home for top dollar is all about being smart. Don’t get me wrong; selling a home is easy no walk in the park, but if you work with the right people at the right time, the whole process can be effortlessly easy. Hiring an experienced realtor in Guelph, for one, is a no-brainer.

Here are 5 tried-and-true tricks that can come in handy.

#1. It’s All in the Price

They say the best selling point in real estate is location, location, and location. What they don’t tell you is that you can’t change the location once you buy the house. So your next bet at getting great offers is setting the price just right.

That’s where you need to do a thorough market analysis. How much do similar homes in your neighbourhood sell for? How much do other sellers asking for their houses? Once you’ve found out the value of your home, you are better off undercutting your competitors. The rule of thumb is to hive 15%-20% off your home’s value.

#2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Lighting

That is right – if used correctly, your home’s lighting can be a huge seller. Some pundits say it’s second to location. Draw out the drapes, stay on top of window cleaning, replace the lampshades, and even clear out the bushes surrounding your house. Ensure that your home is cheery and bright during showings and house opens.

#3. Hire the Realtor Guelph

A realtor in Guelph plays a crucial role in selling your house. Make sure that you are working with only the top-notch realtor in Guelph. Ask for recommendations, read reviews, certifications, licenses, references, and whatnot to land the best of the best. After all, a real estate agent can make or break your home-selling ambition.

#4. De-Personalize Your Home

When it comes to showings or home staging your house, be sure to remove some of the family photos, memorabilia, and so on. While your house should give a good first impression, it should also give off a “move-in” ready sense for buyers to feel at home.

#5. Don’t Over-Renovate

The best realtor in Guelph suggest that you undertake a few quick fixes to spruce up the appeal of your home. However, massive overhauls and upgrades will cost you lots of money, some of which you might not recoup.

With these handy tips, you will be able to make a quick sale and get the highest price possible. All in all, it might all boil down to working with a renowned realtor in Guelph with a track record of delivery.

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