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Top Wood Flooring Trends You May Find Worth Following

Home owners want their houses to be all of these – high in quality, modern in look and best in design. Make your house a thing of envy by paying attention to the flooring. It does play remarkable role in giving distinct appeal to the house. To help you make decisions more easily, explained here are the top wood flooring trends.

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  • Finishes: Satin finishes will be at the top of the demand curve. Pearl-like feel and look of this finish is amazingly attractive. Other finishes in vogue are likely to be oil and matte. Basically, good looks and low maintenance supporting finishes are going to be a favorite.
  • Patterns: Wood flooring patterns continues to rule the choices. How eye-catching the patterns are, and their ability to give house a nice makeover will be the main drivers for selecting. Herringbone, mixed width – these two patterns are worth watching out for.
  • Textures: Another important trend will be pertaining to texture. Distressed look transports the home owners to the world of basics. And, its long-lasting quality appeals one and all. So, distressed and hand scrapped textures will be high in demand.
  • Wood types: Parquet floor, engineered woods, sustainable woods will be the terms making to the discussions on flooring. Wood types that add lot to the character are going to be used preferably. Newer materials are being given a try because of the durability that these offer.
  • Color: Dark colors and monochrome shades will be the popular flooring color options. The monochrome shades, due to the uniformity of look that these offer, add a lot to the aesthetics. Thus, these are going to be the hot options to consider.

So, when you have thought of renovating the floor or have reached the flooring stage in the home construction process, keep these trends in mind while selecting the material.

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