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Understanding the Objectives Of Kitchen Renovation Process

As the kitchen is one of the most utilized and visited spaces in the house, almost every homeowner will experience the exciting yet the daunting task of planning a kitchen renovation at some time. Before going for a new kitchen design or rendering the services of a certified kitchen designer, ask yourself the objective of your kitchen renovation. Kitchen remodelling falls into these categories:

  1. Cosmetic – a retro kitchen design to a more modern kitchen, or visa-versa
  2. To change or enhance kitchen design layout
  3. To redirect kitchen traffic
  4. To increase kitchen space inward
  5. To expand kitchen area outward


This is the most common kind of kitchen remodelling where you either update or change the appearance of the kitchen for a fresh and new look. A cosmetic kitchen remodelling project has nothing to do with changing the layout of the kitchen. It only includes renewing the walls, kitchen cabinetry, counters, floors, or sometimes even changing the overall design.

Many people cut down on the costs by recycling some elements of the kitchen, instead of buying everything new. Kitchen cabinet re-facing and cabinet hardware can help in a long run in adding life to the old cabinets to complement the new kitchen design.

Changing the kitchen layout

It involves repositioning appliances, fixtures, and eating areas for a better-organized layout. Implement and incorporate the work triangle—sink, to stove, to refrigerator, to sink. This helps in smoother and more efficient meal preparation.

You can also create an L-shaped grouping of appliances to have more counter space. You can add a bay window as a backdrop to the table and seating installed at one end of the kitchen to create a nook and a warmer and inviting atmosphere. Certainly, this type of kitchen renovation may need carpentry, electrical or plumbing work.

Redirecting traffic

Kitchen design changes that can redirect traffic can signify extensive layout changes. This might include a new doorway, moving the current one, or taking down a part of a wall to open up the kitchen to make it feel more open and less isolated.

The basic kitchen layout usually needs a redesign. But the outcome of redirecting the traffic makes it look bigger and more efficient.

Increase kitchen space

Expanding the kitchen place by increasing within borrows space from the adjacent rooms. Creating more dining space and available foot space in the kitchen and expanding the available kitchen storage space at the same time. Or you can also add a breakfast counter for quick snacks or butcher block type kitchen cart if you are looking for extra workspace.

This kind of project involves moving or removing the interior walls and rearranging the appliances and fixtures which leaves more space, increased storage and open access to the adjacent rooms.

Expand kitchen space

Expand the kitchen space outwards by adding onto the house is the most expensive option when it comes to kitchen renovation. If you are making both interior, as well as exterior changes to your house, usually needs the expertise and skills of many professionals which includes the general contractor as well.

To find a reliable and a trustworthy kitchen renovation contractor, you can post your project online for free and receive some bids from professionals in your area to get your work done.

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