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What to Look for When Buying Luxury Sheepskin Rugs

When going to a rug store like HideRugs with the aim of purchasing a luxury sheepskin rug, it would be helpful to know what to look for so as to buy the best rug possible. All rugs are different but there are certain characteristics that make certain rugs better than others.

Wool Density and Loft

Quality sheepskin rugs will have higher wool density than other rugs. The amount of wool fibres per square inch is what wool density is all about. High wool density is a reflection of the processes used to create the rug and the sheep from which it came. Also, how straight and upright the wool fibres in a rug are, determines its quality. The best sheepskin rugs will have wool fibres that do not easily flatten or get tangled. Look for the sheepskin rugs that easily retain their loft.


When looking for sheepskin rugs, you will have undoubtedly considered which colour you want the rug to be. Quality sheepskin rugs have a natural ivory tone with little to no discolouration. A rug with even and pure colour is very aesthetically pleasing and if being used for decoration, will blend in better with other pure colours in the room than other rugs.


You cannot talk about sheepskin rugs without talking about how they feel. Cuddling up against a comfortable rug is one of the best feelings in the world. Luxury sheepskin rugs should have soft silky texture. The amount of comfort you derive from such a rug should be paramount. You should compare the feel of synthetic sheepskin rugs to natural sheepskin rugs to know the difference. Luxury sheepskin rugs should feel just as well on your body as on the soles of your feet. If not, look for another option.

Leather Quality

All sheepskin rugs will undoubtedly have a leather underside. The leather on a quality sheepskin rug should be firm and thick. It should be able to provide its woolly upper side with the necessary structural support. You should not be able to peel the leather off the rug but it should also be soft and supple. A nice leather finish is also a bonus and a stone polished finish would be ideal. Holes, cracks, scratches and other defects should not be present in a high quality sheepskin rug.


Most low quality sheepskin rugs will have various chemical smells because of the processes used to make them. A genuine sheepskin rug will have no such smells. The tanning process should be as natural as possible in order to give the rug as much natural integrity as possible meaning that little is needed to maintain the rug’s form for as long as possible.

Size and shape

The best sheepskin rugs have a full shape and a nicely rounded neck. Moreover, quality luxury sheepskin rugs are bigger and have a more uniformed shape than their generic counterparts.

You can rest assured that you will find the highest quality rugs at HideRugs with the best wool density, loft and texture. Whether it is for decoration or to give a room a bit more style, we will provide it.

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