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Wooden roofing for your house

As you know that roofing is the vital part of your house as it protected you from various climatic factors and many more others. Installation of perfect roofing is very essential for your house security as imperfect roofing can be harmful for your home appliances. Damaged roofing causes leakage that leads to damage your furniture and electrical items. Most of the people prefer to install wooden roofing in their houses because of its looks and appearance. Wooden roofing allows the attractive look as you can enhance the beauty of your house by installing these wooden roofs. Most of the people like to use cedar shake and cedar shingle for their house’s roofing. These are perfect wooden material for roofing, the competition among Cedar Shake vs Cedar Shingle always can be seen due to its qualities.

Cedar shakes- Cedar shake is great for upscale houses as it gives stylish and luxurious look to your house. It very difficult for other materials to beat the style of cedar shakes roofs. If you want to re- modeling your house in traditional way and want to build historical type of house then this is the most appropriate material for installation of roofing. Cedar shake also helps in reducing your electrical bills as it allow warmth by absorbing the heat during the winter and provide cold by reflecting the sun rays during the summer season. Cedar shakes are also popular for highly storm resistance if your are living in such type of place where speedy wind and storm is common then this roof is best for you.

Cedar shingle- It is known as the most eco friendly material than any other roofing material. This material manufactured in a highly efficient and effective manner for the perfect look of your roofs. This is economical than the cedar shakes and has less carbon than other wooden materials.

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